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Laminate Flooring

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Why Choose Our Laminate Flooring ?

Staining Warranty

Provides up to 25 years of manufacturer warranty for floorboard which has visible stains on the surface due to the following household substances, aceton, hand-cream, fruit & vegetable drinks, fats, coffee, cola drinks, nail lacquer or similar products

Wear & Tear Warranty

Provides up to 25 years of manufacturer warranty if floorboard surface is worn off in an area of at least one square centimeter on one panel.

Fading Warranty

Provides up to 25 years of manufacturer warranty for decor layer which has faded due to household lighting.

Termite Warranty

Provides up to 10 years of manufacturer warranty for floorboards which are deemed structural unfit by termite attack.


From the manufacturing to installation stage, every care is taken to ensure that our floors continue to deliver a lifetime of satisfaction to our customers


At this preliminary stage, we will find out what your needs, preferences and expectations are. We will also introduce our product selection and provide an overview of our services.


As we now have a better idea of your needs and limitations, we will proceed to recommend products that suit you best.


Skill is of the utmost importance to ensure that our floorings are properly installed at your premises.


To ensure that our floors maintain their optimum quality over time, we provide a limited lifetime warranty.

Primewood Indonesia

Primewood Indonesia was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Tangerang, Jakarta. We have been supplying high quality laminate flooring to residential and commercial buildings all over Indonesia